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Who we are   Where is the Green Space?   What will be in it?   Who will own it?   Who will pay for it?   Why 'The Hooks Wood'?   Become involved

Who are Guilden Sutton Green Space

Guilden Sutton Green Space is a small group of volunteers who came together in September 2018 to explore the idea of creating a new community green space in Guilden Sutton. Since then we have:  

  • Set up a charitable company (Guilden Sutton Green Space Co Ltd) to underpin the project with a legal framework
  • Invited every household to get involved in the project and to complete a survey about the green space idea
  • Kept people informed via our website, Facebook page and newsletters
  • Held two public drop-in consultation and publicity evenings, and talked with the children of Guilden Sutton Primary School to get their ideas
  • Secured funding from Cheshire West and Chester Council, and from the Mersey Forest project
  • Gained the support of the Parish Council, Councillors Margaret Parker and Graham Heatley, Chris Matheson MP
  • Selected and facilitated the purchase of two fields in Guilden Sutton
  • Secured planning permission to use the land as public open space

The current membership of the steering group is; Amy Edwards, Tony Fisher, Derek Hughes, Sarah Jessop, Brian Lewin, Mel Littlewood, Reza Rahmani-Torkaman

Where is the new Green Space?

The New Green Space will be in the fields which sit alongside the ‘Green Lane’ bridleway and are behind the football field, and the Old School, on School Lane. Access will be from School Lane, and from the bridleway.
The back field has been purchased and funds will have to be raised to purchase the front field as soon as possible.

What will be in the new green space? 

One of the very first questions we asked local residents, and children from Guilden Sutton Primary School was ‘What would you like to see in a new green space?’ These were just some of your suggestions;
Woodland, Nature trail, Sensory area, Allotments, Communal gardening, Bee-hives, Bird boxes, Sponsor a tree, Dog-walking, Solar generation, Allotments, Informal Play, Adventure trail, Pond, Woodland walk, Wooden play area, Orchard, Wild Flowers, Walking and bike paths, Relaxation area, Homes for hedgehogs, butterflies, bugs, bats and birds, Long grass, Toddler area, Balancing beam, Wood sculpture area, Bowling green, mud play, Bins, Picnic benches….and many more

We knew it wouldn’t be possible to do absolutely everything on the list, and that of the things which might be possible, not all of them could be included straight away. So, what we are aiming to do is create a place which will;
- feel natural, informal, accessible and welcoming to all - allow nature to thrive - include a large new native woodland, clearings, paths, pond, hedgerows, informal play - connect with other local footpaths - be a place where people can come together, get involved, help look after our local environment - be a place in which new projects and activities can grow in the future, led by the needs and interests of the local community

Who will look after the green space? 

Buying the land, and setting up the new space is only the beginning.  We need to make sure it is properly cared for and maintained, and protected for all those who will come after us in future generations:
Most of the land will be managed by Guilden Sutton Green Space with financial support from the Parish Council

Who will pay for the Green Space?

So far funding has been secured from the Mersey Forest Project, the Climate Emergency Fund and Section 106 allocations to complete the budget for the back field:

  • The Mersey Forest project – grant funding from the Mersey Forest to create a new native woodland covering 3.6 acres
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council - funding provided under Section 106 agreements from recent housing developments for public open space and play
  • Climate Emergency Fund  - grant to purchase the back field

The new green space will become a village amenity, hopefully one that is valued, supported and enjoyed by everyone. Basic maintenance costs will be covered, on behalf of local residents, from parish receipts. Alongside this, the Guilden Sutton Green Space has undertaken to keep costs to a minimum by, for example; by organising working parties and regular voluntary maintenance visits, holding fund-raising events and by applying for grant-funding.

Why Hooks Wood?

 The Green Space field was originally one of a number of fields known as The Hooks fields. Early maps show a lane leading to the fields halfway down Porters Hill. This lane was known as The Hooks Lane.

What can I do to get involved? 

The Green Space project is about to grow ........................  
As soon as the site is ready to be opened to the public, it’s going to need a real community effort to bring the Green Space to life.
We are looking for volunteers, ideas, fund-raisers, organisers, people who know of sources of funding - in fact anybody and everybody interested in maintaining and developing the Green Space for everyone to enjoy.
If you’d like to be kept up to date, please let us know by joining the mailing list here
If you have any queries or comments about the project, or if would like to offer your time or skills in any way, please do get in touch using the contact form or by speaking to one of the Steering Group members

And Finally… ‘The benefits of easy access to green space span across the generations; the fantastic young people in GS desperately need access to outside space to safely explore and play and develop their independence. It hardly needs stating but the physical and mental health benefits are huge... ...For adults a community space where people can connect informally.   Exercise equipment, community veg garden, or just a place to sit, GS really needs a community focal point.’ 

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